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Christmas Tree Worm Uk. Also enjoy 10 year warranty free uk delivery on orders over 30. Christmas tree worms spirobranchus giganteus are a type of polychaete a group of segmented worms that contains over 13 000 species.

Christmas Tree Worms Worms Christmas Tree Sea Creatures
Christmas Tree Worms Worms Christmas Tree Sea Creatures from

Its body is hidden within the host coral. 2020 hearst uk is the trading name. In a vintage sliver finish with a touch of antiqued brass finish around the base this is a timeless christmas statement piece.

The food is then passed down a food groove by ciliary tracts lines of tiny hair like extensions on the surface of cells that generate water currents to move food or mucus.

They thrive on the unspoilt reefs of bermuda in the british overseas territories. It is very intolerant of copper based medications. It has an operculum top trap door that covers its tube when it withdraws its crown. Nothing says christmas quite like decorating the tree.