Christmas Tree Pattern Dermatology

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Christmas Tree Pattern Dermatology. Less than three months. Showing a christmas tree pattern.

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While the lesions are found mostly on the. Langer lines show the direction of the lowest naturally occurring skin tension and its thoracodorsal manifestation is the christmas tree pattern. A week or two after the herald patch appears it is joined by daughter patches smaller scaly rashes that form on your chest or back often in the shape of a christmas tree.

The rash has been described as looking like a fir tree.

The clinical presentation of skin diseases following a christmas tree pattern is limited to a small number of primary skin diseases discussed in more detail in subsequent sections that essentially are pityriasis rosea and mycosis fungoides as well as the maculopapular stage 2 of syphilis exanthematic sarcoma idiopathicum multiplex hemorrhagicum kaposi the early exanthematous stages of psoriasis vulgaris and the exanthematic paraneoplastic occurrence of multiple seborrhoic keratoses. Thus the baldaquin sign never caught on whereas the christmas tree eponym is now universally acknowledged. The rash has been described as looking like a fir tree. Single red and slightly scaly area followed.